Many people experience neck pains. These pains can be caused be various factors in our daily lives such as stress, injuries, a weak immune system, or just poor posture.

In the cases of acute neck tension, there are a couple exercises which can be performed to alleviate it, such as exercises with foam rolls, which involved taking a roll of hard foam, and either standing or lying down on it and rolling on it.

AWTUVI exercises, in which you press your back against a wall or stomach on the floor and move your arms in patterns which can alleviate the pain, and four legged spine rotation exercises, in which you get on all fours, and slowly rotate your back using your arms to direct upwards and downwards.

There is also a sitting up stretching exercise that can be done with the foam roller in between your knees for support as you stretch. The most important thing is you have support for your body and do not push yourself too hard.

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5 Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain