Everyone seems to be tracking their steps these days. The benchmark seems to be 10,000 steps but why 10,000? According to Prof. David R. Bassett, Jr. of the University of Tennessee, the number is calculated based on research that shows most men need to burn 2000 calories a week (300 a day) to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease. Assoc Prof. Jinger S. Gottschall at Penn State backs up this research, stating that several peer-reviewed studies showed considerable health improvement.

Purchasing a pedometer can help you get started, followed by making small changes to your lifestyle. For example, taking the stairs or parking away from the office can help get extra steps. The number of steps can be adjusted based on your fitness and age, and increased slowly to an appropriate level. If weight loss is your goal, then more than 10,000 steps may be needed.

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Is 10,000 Steps a Day Really the Secret to Better Health?

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