As food becomes as trendy as fashion, you never know what is healthiest and what is a fad. Kale has been popular for several years now, and spinach has been a staple since we were all kids. Often it was known as that green stuff we shoved to the side.

In truth, what is healthier? Both spinach and Kale offer nutrients but different sorts and levels. They both provide an impactful punch to your health but in far different ways. The adage of comparing apples and oranges also applies to Kale and Spinach when trying to decipher what is ‘better’.

Spinach is full of potassium and has a lower calorie count while kale has massive doses of vitamins K and C, but it is nearly double the calorie intake as spinach. Each have their benefits, why not keep them both in your diet? Both are green, healthy, and tasty, there is reason you have to decide.

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Is Kale Really Healthier Than Spinach?